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Term 1 – RRS Citizen & Proud to be a Kiwi ( Tikanga-a-Iwi/Social Science & Hauora/Health).  This unit starts with a focus on Te Tiriti o Waitangi, exploring what it means to be a Kiwi in Aotearoa / New Zealand, celebrating our diversity, and moving into what it means to be a Richmond Roader e.g. our values, roles and responsibilities, setting challenging goals, what it means to be a learner etc.

Term 2 – Infinity & Beyond (Putaiao / Science).  In this unit children will be learning about our planet and beyond, phenomena such as night & day, tides etc.

Term 3 – The Arts through the Ages (Hangarau / Technology, Ngā Toi / The Arts).  In this unit children will make an  historical investigation about one or more discipline of the arts over time.  All children will participate in our school production in the last week of this term (25th September).

Term 4 – Amazing Race (Hauora/Health) Children will be exploring activities and choices to achieve optimum well-being combined with the benefits of the local Auckland natural environment.

2012 Curriculum – integrated topics

Term 1
RRS Citizen (Tikanga-a-Iwi / Social Science & Hauora / Health)

Term 2
What Colour is Camouflage? (Putaiao / Science, Tikanga-a-Iwi / Social Science)

Term 3
Dial 111 / Keeping Ourselves Safe (Hauora / Health, Putaiao / Science, Tikanga-a-Iwi / Social Science)
Term 4
Grand Designs (Hangarau / Technology, Putaiao / Science (Fair Testing), Tikanga-a-Iwi / Social Science)
2011 Curriculum – Integrated topic

We have developed a curriculum plan for 2011 (attached below) which has been developed from the Hauora / HPE  and Putaio / Science plans.  Future annual curriculum plans will come form the completed RRS Curriculum document.

Term 1

RRS Citizen (Health & Social Science)

Kaitiaki o te Whenua (Social Science & Science)

Term 2
It’s the Only Body I Get! (Health & Science)

Term 3
See Me, Hear Me (Science, The Arts)

Term 4
What to Wear (Technology & Social Science)


Term 1
RRS Citizen (Health & Social Science)

A focus on what it means to play your part well at Richmond Road School – e.g. our values, setting challenging goals etc.

Survivor Richmond Road (Hauora / Health)

In this unit children will be learning about how they prepare themselves and their whanau in the event of a Civil Defence disaster.  The unit will also include some team building activities that will encourage children to take risks and step outside of their comfort zones.

Term 2
Kitchen Chemistry / Master Chef (Putaiao / Science)

Children will explore what happens to ‘materials’ as they are mixed, heated or cooled.  This unit will also look at healthy eating and different cultural perspectives in these areas.

Term 3
TravelWise (Hangarau / Technology)

Children will explore how to keep safe as they travel, particularly to and from school, but also safety riding bikes, near train tracks etc.

Term 4
Holiday Fun (Tikanga a Iwi / Social Sciences)

This unit will explore why particular places are special to people, how different people celebrate special events, and other aspects of keeping themselves safe not already covered this year.

During 2009 we started the formal process of documenting the Richmond Road School Curriculum, using 

Te Marautanga o Aotearoaand the ‘NZ Curriculum‘ as our base.  

Hauora / Health & Physical Education

  • We have completed our first draft of the Hauora / Health & Physical Education part of the RRS Curriculum, and it is attached below.  
  • Teachers, students and parents/whanau have had the opportunity to have input into identifying the priorities in this document.  
  • We have had positive feedback from ERO during our review in November 2009, and from a Health & PE facilitator from Team Solutions about this document.  
  • During Term 1 2010 we will share where we are at with the development of this curriculum area with the RRS community to get additional feedback, before using the document as a framework for developing the other curriculum areas.

Swimming Carnival 2013


Production 2013 – Unidentified Dancing Objects


Samoan Language Week 2013

Art Exhibition 2012

Camp 2012

Camp 2011


Copies of the presentation are attached at the bottom of this page.

Copies of the handouts are attached at the bottom of this page.